The Life of Lucy

The Life of Lucy

Saturday, October 15, 2011

She's one!

It seems the blog got away from me.  I had hoped to use this as an easy way to share photos and videos with my non-facebook family and friends, but blogspot was making that impossible.  Here's to hoping that in the time since my last post, some technical changes have been made.

Lucy has undergone changes since my last post!

Since Lucy turned one on September 22, she:

  • has a tooth (bottom right). 
  • says "hi!" and waves (to herself) upon seeing Mama or Daddy or Beru or Wookiee or Angie or squirrels or boxes of cereal and especially a phone...
  • raises her arms triumphantly in the air whenever we yell, "touchdown!"  
  • claps.
  • occasionally blows kisses.  when she feels like it.  and no other time.  
  • wants face-to-face attention and leans in to make sure you are looking RIGHT AT HER.
  • points at everything and explains what it is.  It is usually "bob!" or "gub!" or "shlpeit!" or "Uhhhh!"  This last utterance is used to explain if someone is coming towards her, or going away, or standing there, or sitting, or drinking coffee...  
  • is playing with so many words and figuring them out.  She is working on "baby" right now.  (where are "mama" and "dada?" we're working on those, too)
  • bounces and spins in her jumper.
  • occasionally puts food into her mouth and *gasp* chews.  
    • Lucy is still not into solids.  She chews on some toys and fingers but is mostly not interested in putting things in her mouth.  She still doesn't stand or push herself up or crawl.
We start occupational therapy this week after a developmental evaluation with Denver Options.  This is a really amazing program that provides free early intervention services.  We are relieved and excited to have a team of professionals to help us build up Lu's squishy muscles. She needs a baby personal trainer.  So far we're not worried that anything is WRONG, but we want to avoid her compensating and causing problems later.  We think it has a lot to do with her really sweet, content, laid-back disposition.  She prefers to sit and drink.  Like her dad.   :)

Here's the first annual picture of Lucy with her tree.  

Lucy's birthday party was fun.  She was surrounded by pumpkins and friends.  The weather was glorious!  Lucy loved having her friends over to play, wearing a tutu, playing with balloons, and everyone singing happy birthday.  She did not like her cake.

We are enjoying this lovely fall and watching Lucy grow.  She laughs at everything, loves shadows and looking at herself in the mirror, animals, and watching everything.  She is so much fun.  :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  It's a day for love so here are mine: 

This awesome outfit comes from Godmama Kelly in New York. 

Back by popular demand:  More dancing Lucy!

Lucy is 4 1/2 months old and growing and growing!  She's now over 12 pounds.  She has had some sleep regression.  She had been sleeping a good 7 hour stretch for quite a long time, but now she wakes every 3 or so (if I'm lucky...). I'm not sure exactly what that's about but we're working on it.  Until then I get extra nighttime cuddles.

Pirate Time

Lucy continues to enjoy dressing in costume.  Yes, she regularly asks if she can dress up.  :)  She especially loves dressing as a pirate.  We helped celebrate Angie's birthday by dressing as pirates!  Even Beru likes to dress up (notice her eye patch!).

Lucy's favorite toys are her hands and her feet.  Once her diaper comes off her feet go up!  These booties are rattles and are the most fun.  She is easily distracted by her hands. 
 Lucy and Daddy

Cutie Patootie
  Fluffy chick hair. 
Her hair is soft and stands straight up.

Sweet sleeping babyface


Monday, December 20, 2010

3 months and happy holidays

Holy smokes, a month has passed.  I suppose I have always had difficulties getting everything done that I hope to, but having a baby makes everything take 6 times longer. In light of that and having lots to do before Christmas, here are a few new pictures.  Lucy at 3 months is 9 pounds! 

Here Lucy models the latest loungewear and snowboots.

I love the look on her face, like she's a famous czar or something

I love how babies' faces relax when they sleep. I call this baby squish face.

Lucy's first Christmas dress was a gift from Grammy Witt.  It's actually her first dress, period. 

Merry Christmas!  May 2011 be fun, fulfilling, and peaceful. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy two months, Lucy!

Today Lucy is two months old.  It's been a busy day that has flown by, as my days seem to do. Lucy has a congested nose and that apparently is kind of scary to a 2-month-old.  I looked through old pictures to see how much she's grown.  Parenthood sure is a timewarp, isn't it?

I am a smiley girl! 

I don't recommend this diet!  I'm supposed to be getting BIGGER!  :)  Mean old 3-month jeans!

Lucy's first real snow.  Thanks to Ellie for letting me borrow this cool hat.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween and other sweets

Pardon the delay in posting, I've had difficulties with the blogspot website, it hasn't allowed me to add pictures or video.  I've tried numerous times and waited and waited and waited without it working.


We had a great Halloween with our little burrito.  Jared was a retired ninja, Lucy a burrito, and I was the burrito cook.  :)   Her costume was first imagined at the hospital while talking with our friend Sara about the fact that swaddles make babies into "baby burritos."  I said it would be funny to wrap her in foil, and voila - this year's costume.  I cut out vegetable shapes from felt and glued them into her hat and seriously just wrapped her, already-swaddled, in foil.  She was a good sport and didn't even fuss.  She loves costumes already.  :)

Lucy is staying awake more during the day and sleeping longer at night.  Hooray!  Just as it's supposed to be. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

she's strong!

We have been a bit worried about Lucy's slow weight gain.  As of Friday she was still not yet 6 pounds.  But we know she's growing, and she's eating, and pooping.  So I just need to realize that babies grow at their own rates and she will too.  She's the best expert to me on what she needs.  No doctor or lactation specialist knows her as well as I do, and I still have a lot of learning!  I appreciate the expertise that's been given, but I need to consider Lucy's opinions.  Not only do I have a (nearly) 6-pound boss, I have a 6-pound teacher.

She can certainly tell us when she's hungry, as you can see:

For a teensy little thing who seems to have trouble getting the scales to demonstrate that she's actually growing, Lucy is a strong little bugger!  She can now push herself away from me (and off the boppy), with her super-strong chicken legs.  Yikes!  She is a ninja and her super-fast hands are constantly making feeding difficult.  She seems to think her hands can help.  They don't.  She almost fits a few of her tiniest clothes now, including my most favorite green polka dot fleece pants and vest.  She is a true Colorado girl, sporting her first fleece vest, just like Daddy. 

Lucy also attended her first luncheon this past week.  We went to Breckenridge to celebrate with Jared's parents.  His mom, Connie, was awarded the prestigious Art Educator of the Year award.  We are so proud!

Jared and I are experiencing newborn exhaustion.  I'm able to sleep when I can but Jared is back at work, so he only gets the night to try to catch some z's.  Although I must admit I'm not a fan of naps (and I have no idea why except that I don't like how I feel afterwards), they are helpful.  Jared is finding rest when he can.  Especially on Daddy Day (Sunday) when he gets to watch football all day with Lucy.

I'm enjoying more and more this new crazy job (ok, life).  Lucy is a loveable little thing.  I can't wait for you to meet her.  :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

I have a six-pound boss

   Daddy's favorite shoes

Having had numerous jobs since I was 16, many at the same time, it's a bizarre feeling to be home and with no real "boss." I left my job at the Denver Children's Advocacy Center this month and won't return, instead I'll focus on my private practice come wintertime. I have to admit it's kind of a crazy feeling. I realize now, though, that being home with a baby is more of a full-time job than most full-time jobs. I "knew" that before, but never really understood it.

Lucy tells me when I need to feed her, when I need to change her, when she's crabby. My schedule revolves around her needs and her needs alone (at least for now). I now have a six-pound boss.

My parents were with us the first week and it was wonderful to have them here. Our cat, Wookiee, especially misses them. She's not sure what to think about Lucy, although she's coming around.

The power of Grandpa  

Lucy has been a good sleeper so far (knock on wood) and occasionally needs to be roused to be fed (since she needs to put weight on).  She had her first outing this week.  We went out for dinner and Lucy just slept.  I was especially happy to be out of the house.  :)  We continue to be amused by her ever-changing faces and the general goofiness of simply being a newborn.  Especially a skinny minny newborn whose tiniest pants don't yet fit. 

I'll grow into them!