The Life of Lucy

The Life of Lucy

Saturday, October 15, 2011

She's one!

It seems the blog got away from me.  I had hoped to use this as an easy way to share photos and videos with my non-facebook family and friends, but blogspot was making that impossible.  Here's to hoping that in the time since my last post, some technical changes have been made.

Lucy has undergone changes since my last post!

Since Lucy turned one on September 22, she:

  • has a tooth (bottom right). 
  • says "hi!" and waves (to herself) upon seeing Mama or Daddy or Beru or Wookiee or Angie or squirrels or boxes of cereal and especially a phone...
  • raises her arms triumphantly in the air whenever we yell, "touchdown!"  
  • claps.
  • occasionally blows kisses.  when she feels like it.  and no other time.  
  • wants face-to-face attention and leans in to make sure you are looking RIGHT AT HER.
  • points at everything and explains what it is.  It is usually "bob!" or "gub!" or "shlpeit!" or "Uhhhh!"  This last utterance is used to explain if someone is coming towards her, or going away, or standing there, or sitting, or drinking coffee...  
  • is playing with so many words and figuring them out.  She is working on "baby" right now.  (where are "mama" and "dada?" we're working on those, too)
  • bounces and spins in her jumper.
  • occasionally puts food into her mouth and *gasp* chews.  
    • Lucy is still not into solids.  She chews on some toys and fingers but is mostly not interested in putting things in her mouth.  She still doesn't stand or push herself up or crawl.
We start occupational therapy this week after a developmental evaluation with Denver Options.  This is a really amazing program that provides free early intervention services.  We are relieved and excited to have a team of professionals to help us build up Lu's squishy muscles. She needs a baby personal trainer.  So far we're not worried that anything is WRONG, but we want to avoid her compensating and causing problems later.  We think it has a lot to do with her really sweet, content, laid-back disposition.  She prefers to sit and drink.  Like her dad.   :)

Here's the first annual picture of Lucy with her tree.  

Lucy's birthday party was fun.  She was surrounded by pumpkins and friends.  The weather was glorious!  Lucy loved having her friends over to play, wearing a tutu, playing with balloons, and everyone singing happy birthday.  She did not like her cake.

We are enjoying this lovely fall and watching Lucy grow.  She laughs at everything, loves shadows and looking at herself in the mirror, animals, and watching everything.  She is so much fun.  :)