The Life of Lucy

The Life of Lucy

Friday, October 8, 2010

I have a six-pound boss

   Daddy's favorite shoes

Having had numerous jobs since I was 16, many at the same time, it's a bizarre feeling to be home and with no real "boss." I left my job at the Denver Children's Advocacy Center this month and won't return, instead I'll focus on my private practice come wintertime. I have to admit it's kind of a crazy feeling. I realize now, though, that being home with a baby is more of a full-time job than most full-time jobs. I "knew" that before, but never really understood it.

Lucy tells me when I need to feed her, when I need to change her, when she's crabby. My schedule revolves around her needs and her needs alone (at least for now). I now have a six-pound boss.

My parents were with us the first week and it was wonderful to have them here. Our cat, Wookiee, especially misses them. She's not sure what to think about Lucy, although she's coming around.

The power of Grandpa  

Lucy has been a good sleeper so far (knock on wood) and occasionally needs to be roused to be fed (since she needs to put weight on).  She had her first outing this week.  We went out for dinner and Lucy just slept.  I was especially happy to be out of the house.  :)  We continue to be amused by her ever-changing faces and the general goofiness of simply being a newborn.  Especially a skinny minny newborn whose tiniest pants don't yet fit. 

I'll grow into them!


  1. She is precious! Don't worry, Becky-It does get easier every week. Sometimes, when you are especially tired, it seems like it will never get easier, but it does. She will start smiling soon-that will really melt your heart. Congratulations to you and Yaroo on your new little family. I look foward to following your blog!

  2. That is one cute 6 pound boss! I look forward to seeing her grow & hearing your stories. I hope to meet her soon, she is adorable. So happy for you both!!