The Life of Lucy

The Life of Lucy

Monday, October 18, 2010

she's strong!

We have been a bit worried about Lucy's slow weight gain.  As of Friday she was still not yet 6 pounds.  But we know she's growing, and she's eating, and pooping.  So I just need to realize that babies grow at their own rates and she will too.  She's the best expert to me on what she needs.  No doctor or lactation specialist knows her as well as I do, and I still have a lot of learning!  I appreciate the expertise that's been given, but I need to consider Lucy's opinions.  Not only do I have a (nearly) 6-pound boss, I have a 6-pound teacher.

She can certainly tell us when she's hungry, as you can see:

For a teensy little thing who seems to have trouble getting the scales to demonstrate that she's actually growing, Lucy is a strong little bugger!  She can now push herself away from me (and off the boppy), with her super-strong chicken legs.  Yikes!  She is a ninja and her super-fast hands are constantly making feeding difficult.  She seems to think her hands can help.  They don't.  She almost fits a few of her tiniest clothes now, including my most favorite green polka dot fleece pants and vest.  She is a true Colorado girl, sporting her first fleece vest, just like Daddy. 

Lucy also attended her first luncheon this past week.  We went to Breckenridge to celebrate with Jared's parents.  His mom, Connie, was awarded the prestigious Art Educator of the Year award.  We are so proud!

Jared and I are experiencing newborn exhaustion.  I'm able to sleep when I can but Jared is back at work, so he only gets the night to try to catch some z's.  Although I must admit I'm not a fan of naps (and I have no idea why except that I don't like how I feel afterwards), they are helpful.  Jared is finding rest when he can.  Especially on Daddy Day (Sunday) when he gets to watch football all day with Lucy.

I'm enjoying more and more this new crazy job (ok, life).  Lucy is a loveable little thing.  I can't wait for you to meet her.  :)


  1. Love the update! Love the fleece vest! Great pics, too. Thanks Becky!

  2. Way to set your own pace, ladies! Don't let those "experts" try to tell you what's up. YOU know what's up.
    Everybody here at the Cates house has total faith in you!
    slickers all around!
    Lo, Na and Emmett

  3. I love the last pic of you and Lucy, and the one of her and daddy resting.....Sooooo adorable!!! Don't worry about the weight thing every person is different and she will grow at her own rate:) My neice is 17 months old and is just starting to wear 12mos clothes!! She is perfectly healthy and amazing, just tiny! We are all diff. and unique :)